Based on over 5 years experience, Cameroon Homestay Agency all along with Global Bush travel and Tourism agency have been providing fully professional and specialized services in the areas of Languages and Education with host families and Institutions. If you are not confident in starting a placement before improving your French, English and Hausa languages, a four-week long intensive language course is a sensible and worthwhile plan. We want you to succeed and enjoy your stay in Cameroon.

Our services include:

  • Coordinate homestay for independent student and groups
  • Professional Education learning services (English, French and Hausa language)
  • Guaranteed admission in the country, with accommodation
  • Full assistance and solutions for student visa procedures
  • Timely professional services
  • Vacation and working holiday homestay

We specialize in assisting international students’ (long or short-term) with homestay needs while attending their educational language programs, by immersing them in a home environment where the languages are spoken consistently. CHA works with both private and public schools to offer students abundant choices and to find them suitable schools for their talent, interest and educational goals.