Homestay host families in  Cameroon

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Cameroon homestay or host families   is the best way to improve your French, English and Hausa language and immerse yourself in the African culture is to live in an African home. Cameroon Homestay Agency is the only housing option that allows international students the opportunity to live in African homes while studying at the English, French and Hausa Language Institutes.

Through daily involvement with their cameroon hosts family, students have the advantage of practicing casual conversations and gain valuable exposure to a Cameroon lifestyle. CHA also specializes in connecting families Nannies, Babysitters, Au Pairs all over the world with fabulous fully-screened, local nannies to fulfill their childcare needs in the comfort of your home.


Great Destinations


Enjoy and exotic Atlantic coastline with unique black sandy beaches and superb local foods. Enjoy the freshness and diversity of Cameroon’s volcanic beaches!

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Save big and enjoy more! Get the greatest value for your money. We guarantee you will enjoy the experience better than any other you’ve ever had!

Unique Experience

Immense yourself into the unique culture of the Cameroon people. Prepare for a truely one of a lifetime experience as you become part of a local hosehold!