Cameroon homestay agency offer a wide variety of language immersion services in Cameroon and each immersion or engagement is uniquely designed and tailor made to our client’s goals and objectives.

With over 5 years of experience, we have provided so many of these types of short term and long term immersion services in Cameroon.

  • Language training on/off site ( Installations/Embassies/etc)
  • French and English language training and immersion
  • Hausa language training and immersion

Our Programs

We specialize in providing top-quality Cameroon homestay to several international students. They can be broadly grouped into three types based on the focus of the programs and the length of their stay:

  1. Groups

Our group students come from all over the world be it of the university age, adults or working professionals. They may be placed in homes as singles, pairs or sometimes even as triples. Hosting for a group is fantastic as it is a fun way to get to know your own community again, as you often get to play tourist with the student(s).

  1. Academic Year Programs

Students come from many different countries including the USA, Japan, Korea, Spain, China, Italy, and Russia to attend either a public or private University or Institute and sometimes stay for a few months to complete their training. These students are here to gain academic credit and attend English, French and Hausa language classes with their counterparts.

  1. Independent Language Schools, Universities and Colleges

Working with several schools in the country, the students who attend these schools have a range of choices for their programs and specialties, but they are all here to improve their French, English and Hausa languages. The length of stay for the students is usually a minimum of 1 month, but there are few programs that are shorter than this. Most students come for 1-3 months, with some staying up to 6 months. Rates are competitive and tend to follow generally accepted standards for monthly hosting.